Trigonometry. Prime numbers result file. Part 1.

Hello again. Long time, huh?

Today I will describe a symmetry result file.
Everything has started from generating that file with C++ code.
The result file is here:

Three things are important in that file:

  • at header angle means the transformations are generated from that number (i.e. first one is -17999)
  • at header comparisons means the primary numbers are close to transformations from that angle
  • I cannot reproduce that file with C++ code but something told me that is important clue…

Another thing is just weird. If you will be doing some research you will find that the number “2067” is described in some books. At one book is described as year of comet.

At the other side the year 1910 was year of Great January Comet of 1910.

These two numbers has a connection in file.

After doing some research informations from that file has something common with chemical roots… I don’t have time for further research.

So how I generated that file?

You will get this knowledge after some introductions at coming posts.

Next posts will be published at 1:37 or 13:37 Warsaw time.

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