New version of fullstack boilerplate – react.js & laravel


I want to present you the new version of another react boilerplate.

In version 0.2alpha I just introduced updated dependencies and some layout new features.

The boilerplate use in package.json version 17.0.1 of React and brand new Laravel 8.0. There are 18 different components which you can use in different contexts and relations. It’s well written with stabilized scss styles and you can start writing your apps from scratch.

However the another react boilerplate is still in development.

You can fork it on github.


PHP PDF Generator Library.


I want to show my bPDF library. It was written in 2008 and works to now.

At these times only available PDF library was a FPDF which has ugly code. I need to implement text shrinking no matter how long the text is. It was very difficult to implement that in FPDF because of implementation of FPDF. I decided to write my own library.

bPDF supports UTF-8 font embedding, JPEG embedding and simple text writing. I decided also to refresh the project so just await actualization.

You can watch this at my github:


Another React Boilerplate.

I just released my fullstack boilerplate.
It depends on PHP Laravel v5.6 and React.js v16 and also has a multiple components ready to use.
It is alpha version so do not expect it is fully working.

You can find it at my github profile.